Destination India includes scenic hills stations, beautiful beaches, dense jungles, deserts, massive monuments with unique historical importance. Great socio-cultural scenario of India, a cluster of diversity exposes travelers to different attractions, rituals, delicacies, architecture and more. Indian Art that includes wide variety of characteristics, found with a mixture of basic traditions and culture of this land. This destination is home of great affections and love for all. Islam is the second largest religion in India, trade relations have existed between Arabia and the Indian subcontinent since ancient times. Even in the pre-Islamic era, Arab traders used to visit Indian coastal regions, which linked them with the ports of Southeast Asia. Cheraman Juma Mosque in Kerala is thought to be the first mosque in India, built in 629 CE by Hazrat Malik Deenar. Over the centuries, there has been significant integration of cultures across India and all communities have played a notable role in economics, politics and culture of India we call it “Cultural Heritage of India”

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