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Mumbai, The City that never sleeps! Pulsating, Alive, On the Move, Vibrant and Fun also called as “The Dream Land”


The most modern city in India, it captures the spirit of the changing pace set by liberalization and modernization, once a cluster of seven islands, Mumbai was presented to King Charles II in 1661 as part of the dowry when he married Princess Catherine de Braganza of Portugal. Thriving markets, business houses and many different communities reflecting a cosmopolitan and trendy atmosphere rarely seen elsewhere. On the surface, it represents the ever-changing face of today’s India the old coupled with the dynamic new, and yet at its very core, the heart of the city is steeped in Indian customs and values. Social scene of this dream land deceptively big and lively parties can be found most nights of the week. With the Bollywood scene based in and around the city, don’t be surprised to spot film stars and celebrities. For a roaring night out on the town, expats can opt for a cocktail on any of the many rooftop bars that overlook the Arabian Sea, or an evening stroll on the bustling Colaba Causeway. They can enjoy the delights of the city’s dance clubs in Churchgate or Juhu, or a sophisticated glass of wine in the chic and stylish Bandra area where looking good and being seen are all in a day’s work


Experiencing a rich influx of tourists, Mumbai offers a mix of everything, beaches to hills, historical monuments to ultra modern architecture, it has it all. It also boasts of a happening nightlife and a glitzy-glamour filled lifestyle



By far the most iconic structure “The Gateway of India” this archway was makes for a great first stop for all wanderlust people exploring the city


The beautiful and magnificent gate has very well-designed pillars which remain strong till this day. Boating in the Arabian Sea is quite popular in the area, with the starting point being in the vicinity of this architectural marvel. This beautiful 3 kilometer long road Marine Drive is famous for having the Arabian Sea all along on one side. The curved shape of this road, combined with the beautiful lighting at night that looks like diamonds, has earned Marine Drive the title of ‘Queen’s Necklace’. A drive on this road is surreal and makes you feel as though you are in a different place altogether


Full of unique heritage monuments rich in Architectural wonders this city more then just a city

The road is lined with a lot of classy eating joints which are very popular all over Mumbai. UNESCO World Heritage Site The Elephanta Caves, World Heritage Shivaji Terminus and the unieqe The Hanging Gardens


Dargah Hazrat Sayed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari a mosque and dargah (tomb) located on an islet off the coast of Worli in the southern part of Mumbai. Near the heart of the city proper, the dargah is one of the most recognizable landmarks of Mumbai. An exquisite example of Indo-Islamic Architecture

Possibly, the greatest crowd pullers in Mumbai are the well-renowned traditional street markets 


Out of the many markets lining various streets all over the city, the ones deserving a special mention are – Crawford Market, Colaba Causeway, Linking Road and Fashion Street. They are famous for providing everything that you could dream of. Be it fashionable junk jewellery, stylish clothes, electronic items or even home decor items, these markets have it all. The street markets of Mumbai make shopping a must in Mumbai. As far as locally manufactured goods are concerned, Khadi clothes, traditional Marathi handicrafts and Sarees are a definite buy. Another speciality of this region are leather goods like jackets and purses


Eating in Mumbai is a forerunner where regional food specialties are concerned. There are so many dishes worth trying. The most famous one though, is the ‘Vada Pav’. It is a different kind of potato cutlet stacked within a bun, eaten with chilies and spices. A trip to Mumbai is incomplete without a bite of this delicious and mouth-watering delicacy



A beach in the middle of the city, how good does that sound? Well, Mumbai not only makes it sound good, but also look amazing. Populated by thousands of people every day, the Mumbai beaches are a very happening spot. The roadside food stalls, live shows and interactive activities make it a truly memorable experience. The most popular beaches are Romantic Juhu Beach and colorful unique Chowpatty


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Mumbai? Bollywood, isn’t it? Well, that’s the kind of influence Bollywood has had on us; it is, after all, one of the biggest film industries in the world



Bollywood has a huge fan following, not just within the country, but also abroad. There is a world behind every movie, and a whole bunch of off-screen Bollywood activities and sites. Mumbai of home of “Bollywood” is a portmanteau derived from Bombay and Hollywood. However, unlike Hollywood, Bollywood does not exist as a physical place. India produces close to one thousand feature films every year including films in hindi and several regional languages besides documentary films, short film, TV Serials & Commercials Advertising Films. This is a World where you can put your imagination to the test and Shoot out your thoughts, Indian Film Industry is one of the largest in the World


We ensure halal friendly travelers for the best of hospitality whilst on trips and holidays in India 

Delving into local cultures and traditions, history, cuisines and lifestyles anything that contributes to unique identity of the places, hotels and resorts as per the taste and needs of halal friendly travelers, providing the environment of comfort and luxury with the assurance of seamless services, creating the right themes, ambiances, architecture and interiors that would make them feel ease during the trip, and most importantly employing people who can cater the efficient services for the convenience of halal friendly travelers

Our services are combine set of vibrant Indian history and culture with gorgeous natural scenery. Our tours are not just ordinary tours, but meaningful and memorable that helps to promote leisure, cultural and educational experiences

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